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Hematopoiesis and stem cells

The hematopoiesis and stem cell section deals with all aspects of hematopoiesis and stem cells including clinical and basic research related to topics such as bone marrow, cord blood, myeloid neoplasia, megakaryopoiesis, and leukogensis.

  1. Blood transfusions are often essential for treatment of severe anaemia and pregnancy complications. The unavailability of blood is a medical concern, especially in developing countries. New sources of red bloo...

    Authors: Maria Teresa Esposito
    Citation: BMC Hematology 2018 18:10
  2. Mammalian erythropoiesis can be divided into two distinct types, primitive and definitive, in which new cells are derived from the yolk sac and hematopoietic stem cells, respectively. Primitive erythropoiesis ...

    Authors: Hirotada Otsuka, Jiro Takito, Yasuo Endo, Hideki Yagi, Satoshi Soeta, Nobuaki Yanagisawa, Naoko Nonaka and Masanori Nakamura
    Citation: BMC Hematology 2016 16:4
  3. Active and passive theories have been advanced to explain splenomegaly and cytopenias in liver disease. Dameshek proposed active downregulation of hematopoiesis. Doan proposed passive trapping of blood compone...

    Authors: John M. Gemery, Andrew R. Forauer, Anne M. Silas and Eric K. Hoffer
    Citation: BMC Hematology 2016 16:3