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Fig. 2

From: Response to Imatinib therapy is inferior for e13a2 BCR-ABL1 transcript type in comparison to e14a2 transcript type in chronic myeloid leukaemia

Fig. 2

a) A chart showing the number of patients obtaining a MMR (BCR-ABL1 < 0.1%) by transcript type for all patients, excluding patients with change of TKI therapy prior to milestone and for patients with greater than 12 months follow-up. b) Time to achievement of MMR (BCR-ABL1 < 0.1%), MR4 (BCR-ABL1 < 0.01%) and MR4.5 (BCR-ABL1 < 0.0032%) by transcript group. * = p < 0.05. c) The cumulative incidence of obtaining MMR and MR4.5 are demonstrated using a 1-KM method. d) Probability of maintaining MMR once achieved over time of follow-up by transcript type, calculated using Kaplan Meier methodology. p = 0.08 using log rank test

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