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Table 1 Variables collected in each category of the questionnaire

From: Motivational factors for blood donation, potential barriers, and knowledge about blood donation in first-time and repeat blood donors

Category Variables collected
1. Participants socio-demographic characteristics Age, sex, marital status, religion, education, employment, donor status
2. Motivators of blood donation when someone I know is in need, good attitude staff, incentives, appeals on radio, television, or from a famous person, a reminder to donate when there is a shortage, and to help a person in need
3. Potential barriers to blood donation Poor attitude of staff, level of privacy during screening, fear of weakness, fear of needles/pain, fear of contagion, fear of feeling faint or dizzy, the inconvenience of donors’ clinic, donated blood may be sold, and absence of incentives
4. Knowledge of blood donation Minimum age for blood donation, maximum number of donations in a year, interval between two blood donations, does donated blood expire, and is a person positive for HIV/AIDS eligible to donate blood