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Table 3 Local terms for blood and anemia and their approximate translation into English in south-central Côte d’Ivoire

From: Local concepts of anemia-related illnesses and public health implications in the Taabo health demographic surveillance system, Côte d’Ivoire

Ethnic groups Language groups Local terms for blood Local terms for anemia Conceptual translation of local terms for anemia
Akan Abidji mbouo mbouo ohou Blood is over
  Agni modja modja wa wié Blood is over
  Akyé vûn opou vûn Blood is over
o vûn ésè Blood decreased
  Alladjan inkrè inkrè tro Blood is over
Baoulé modja modja wa vié Blood is over
modja wa kpêssou Blood decreased
modja djouman There is insufficient blood
Krou Bété drou drou yé bia Blood is over
Gur (voltaic) Koulango tôm tôm bayô Blood is lacking
tôm la Blood is over
Senoufo chichan chichan N’kwô Blood is over
chichan yôrôgo Blood decreased
Tagwana dissiant dissiant wo manni Blood is lacking
North Mandé Malinké bassi; djoli bassi banan Blood is over
bassi dôgô yala Blood decreased
South Mandé Yacouba gno; abèr gnon gnin, Blood is over
   abèr yagnin Blood is over
  Gouro gnin è gnan tara Blood is over