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Table 3 Meta regression for the included studies to identify source of heterogeneity for the prevalence of anemia among HIV infected adult individuals in Ethiopia from 2005 up to 2017

From: Prevalence of anemia and its associated factors in human immuno deficiency virus infected adult individuals in Ethiopia. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Variables Characteristics Coefficients P-value
Year Publication year −.8434435 0.672
Study year Before 2015 Reference Reference
2015 and above −13.14142 0.156
Sample Sample size of each articles −.0092616 0.665
Study design Cohort −10.0263 0.199
Cross sectional Reference Reference
Gender distribution Male .0071367 0.883
Female Reference Reference
Sampling technique Simple random 3.11105 0.747
Systematic 15.15263 0.385
Undefined Reference Reference
Mean age in years <=35 9.531214 0.282
> 35 9.762604 0.328
No report of mean age Reference Reference