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Fig. 2

From: Experimental folate deficiency in human subjects: what is the influence of vitamin C status on time taken to develop megaloblastic anaemia?

Fig. 2

Enterohepatic recycling of folate. Derived from Steinberg [4]. Folylpolyglutamates are the storage form of folate, and folylmonoglutamate is the transport form [46]. The food folate, in the form of folylpolyglutamates, is converted to folylmonoglutamate in the intestinal mucosa then transported in the blood plasma to the liver, red-cells, tissues and kidneys where it is converted back to the folylpolyglutamate form for storage or metabolism. When required, the stored folylpolyglutamates may then be converted back to folylmonoglutamate and transported to the liver where it may be recycled, via the bile

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