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Table 1 A Table of participant’s profiles, mean and standard deviation of the Hb concentrations and the frequencies of the severity of anemias detected

From: Anemia in prospective blood donors deferred by the copper sulphate technique of hemoglobin estimation

Number of donors 1120 (88.68 %) 143 (11.32 %) 1263
Number of deferrals 444 94 538
Number of deferrals due to low Hb by CuSO4 68 46 114
Minimum Hb (g/dl) 7.1 7.7  
Maximum Hb (g/dl) 14.7 12.9  
Mean Hb+/-SD 11.9/1.6 11.0/1.2  
Mild anemia (Hb 10.0–13.5g/dl) 44 33 77
Moderate anemia (Hb 7.0–10.0g/dl) 9 6 15
  1. From the Table, it shows that the number of male donors surpassed that of females by a wide margin, but among those deferred for low Hb, the numbers were not that wide apart. The males also recorded both the lowest and highest Hb levels. It can also be seen that a greater number of participants had mild anemia in comparison to moderate anemia