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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes between FA and control cells after cisplatin treatment.

From: Analysis of baseline and cisplatin-inducible gene expression in Fanconi anemia cells using oligonucleotide-based microarrays

Membrane protein   
Gene Description GenBank accession no. Change*
C-type lectin, AICL X96719 Up 1 h in WT
Integral membrane protein, LIG-1 W25875 Up 1 h in FA
Integral membrane protein, SIGMAR1 U79528 NC
Growth factor   
Insulin growth factor binding protein 2, IGFBP-2 S37730 NC
Endothelial cell growth factor, platelet-derived, ECGF1 M63193 Down 24 h in WT
IL18R1/IL-1RRP U43672 NC
BMP-4 U43842 Down 1 h in FA
IL10R U00672 NC
Notch ligand, JAGL1 AF003837 NC
Signal transduction   
Adapter molecule in signal transduction, DOC1 U53445 Up 24 h in FA
SRC family tyrosine kinase, FYN M14333 Down 24 h in FA
Protein tyrosine phosphatase, PTPG U46116 Down >7 h in FA
Regulator of G-protein signaling, G0S8/RGS L13463 Up 1 h in FA
Regulator of G-protein signaling, GIPC/RGS19IP1 AF089816 Up 24 h in WT
Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase kinase 4, MAP4K4 AB014587 NC
Serine/threonine kinase, KIAA0623 AB014523 NC
Related to the N-terminus of TRE, RNTRE D13644 NC
Related to intracellular calcium signaling, HOMER-1B Y17829 NC
MEK6/MKK6 U39657 NC
Zinc finger protein, LOC58500 X16282 NC
LYT10/NF-kB2 U20816 NC
Dual specific tyrosine kinase, DYRK2 Y13493 NC
Phospholipase C beta 2, PLCB2 M95678 NC
Containing Pleckstrin homology domain, KIAA0763 AB18306 NC
Vesicular Rab-GAP/TBC-containing protein, AD3 AB024057 NC
Calcium-binding protein, S100C/Calgizzarin D38583 NC
Transcription factor   
Transcript homolog, MEST/PEG1 D78611 NC
Myotubularin related protein 2, MTMR2 AB028996 NC
Homeobox protein related to skeletal development, MSX1 M97676 NC
Transcription factor, MRG1 U65093 NC
Homeobox, PRH/PRHX L16499 NC
Transcriptin activating factor, CREBP L05515 NC
Transcription coactivator, TCFEC/TFECL D43945 NC
Putative transcription regulator, CARM-1 AI660225 Down 7 h in FA
Cell cycle   
CDC25A M81933 NC
Similar to rat CIPHAR-1, DKFZp564O0823 AL080121 NC
BCLX Z23115 NC
Protease inhibitor, PLANH2/PAI2 Y00630 NC
Vanin-2, VNN2 D89974 Down 24 h in WT
DNA repair/Chromosome regulator   
Similar to DNA helicase, FLJ10738 W28620 NC
BAF170 U66616 NC
PMS2 U13696 NC
Intracellular processing   
Ubiquitin protein ligase, E6-AP AF002224 Up >1 h in WT
Putative splicing factor, DOM3Z AF059252 Down >7 h in FA
Uronyl 2-sufotransferase AB020316 NC
Procollagen-proline, 2-oxoglutarate 4-dioxygenase, P4HA2 U90441 NC
Unknown, FLJ21174 AA149307 NC
Unknown, expressed in macrophage X89059 Up >1 h FA
Clathrin light chain b X81637 NC
Related to lipodystrophy, LPIN2 D87436 NC
ME1 U43944 NC
Unknown, KIAA0090 D42044 Down 24 h in WT
Unknown, DKFZp564I122 AL080062 NC
Unknown, KIAA0241 D87682 NC
  1. * NC indicates that the observed changes were not consistent. When consistent changes were observed indicated are up or down regulation, followed by time point(s) after treatment at which changes of expression were observed, and cell type; WT indicates observed in corrected cells, FA indicates observed in FA cells.