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Table 1 Characteristics of the 11 studies containing information on hepatic iron concentrations in patients with thalassemia major

From: Estimates of the effect on hepatic iron of oral deferiprone compared with subcutaneous desferrioxamine for treatment of iron overload in thalassemia major: a systematic review

First Author Year of
Mean Study
Duration (months)
Number of
Mean Age
Treatment Abstract alone Individual Patient
Data available
Hoffbrand AV 1979 Clinical trial 13* 31 16* DFO   X
Janka GE 1981 Case series 13* 5 7 DFO   X
Aldouri MA 1987 Case series 96 51 19 DFO   X
Maurer HS 1988 Clinical trial 72* 16 10* DFO   X
Olivieri NF 1995 Clinical trial 37 21 22 L1   X
Olivieri NF 1997 RCT 33 37 NA L1 vs DFO X  
Longo F 1998 Clinical trial 24 52 17 L1 X  
Mazza P 1998 Clinical trial 22 29 NA L1   X
Olivieri NF 1998 Case series 55 18 18* L1   X
Tondury P 1998 Case series 86 11 23 L1   X
Diav-Citrin O# 1999 Case series 51* 19 24 L1   
  1. * In cases where the mean was not provided, either the median or the midpoint of the range was used as an approximation. Studies were classified as "clinical trials" if there was evidence of the use of a formal study protocol, and if ethics committee approval and informed consent were obtained. # Although this study has been withdrawn from the scientific literature as of April 22, 2002, it was decided not to exclude this study from the analysis as it has been relied upon in the literature. DFO Desferrioxamine; L1: deferiprone; NA: not available