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Table 2 Mean and standard deviation (SD) of G6PD enzyme concentrations (IU/g Hb) in the two G6PD deficient groups and healthy non-deficient males

From: Prevalence and molecular characterization of Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase deficient variants among the Kurdish population of Northern Iraq

Category No G6PD Enzyme concentration
(IU/g Hb)
   Mean SD
Group A: G6PD deficient healthy individuals detected by premarital screening 63 0.6670 0.445
Group B: G6PD deficient patients with history of hemolytic episode(s). 65 0.6385 0.443
G6PD non-deficient healthy individuals 63 12.206 0.827
  1. No significant difference were observed in the enzyme concentration between the two deficient groups (p = 0.744)